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redecorating home office


Emma Ekman, who runs the Instagram account @houseofekman, recently updated her home office. Since the forest is an important place for Emma to recharge, it was natural for her to bring elements of nature into the room.

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When Emma needs to create content for her job as a content creator, she often starts by planning her day with a coffee and thinking through the day's pictures that need to be created.

Once the pictures are taken and it's time for some editing and text creation, it naturally becomes time for Emma to sit down in her newly decorated home office.

- I always try to decorate in a way that the base is sustainable and timeless. But I like colour and have only a white ceiling in the house; the other walls have some colour. In my home office, I went a bit "wild and crazy" and introduced wallpaper with a nature pattern. I love being in nature and enjoy taking long walks in the forest. It's the best form of recovery, and thus I wanted to create a bit of that feeling in my office.

Emma is extremely pleased with the result and loves the wallpaper and the light flooring in combination with the light wood of the HADDINGTON desk and cabinets.


If you want three simple tips on how to approach decorating your office, Emma believes the following are most important:

  1. Only have items on display that you like and that you feel add a sense of feeling to the room.
  2. Prioritize good storage where you can hide away things that don't need to be on display.
  3. Create harmony in the office with things you like. I have chosen wallpaper and furniture to bring the feeling of nature, which is relaxing for me. But it could also be color, paintings, flowers, or decorative details that create the feeling you desire.
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