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Emelie Ekman has furnished her home office with furniture from Rowico Home. She has a handful of great tips when it comes to creating a home office, so now it's exciting to see how her own office has taken shape. 

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Emelie visited Rowico Home's showroom before she was about to furnish her home office. After that, she went home and measured, and planned furniture as well as interior details and other things that she needed.

- I am super happy with my new home office. I have achieved the feeling I want, as well as an interior design that fits in with the rest of the house, says Emelie as she sits contentedly at her new desk, which is a LOTTA dining table.


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NORWELL chair, AUCKLAND carpet and LOTTA dining table create a stylish atmosphere.



When Emelie decided to create a proper home office, the location was quite obvious. 

- I love the room that I chose. It's not too big, but just the right size for an office and allows for the desk to be placed in the middle of the room, creating an airy feeling. There is also fantastic natural light coming in from the large window that faces the living room. Even though the natural light from the living room windows comes in, it's a great feeling to have that light coming in while sitting in my office and overlooking the living room, says Emelie. 


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Hang things that inspire and create a feeling.




Perhaps the most important aspect when creating a home office, besides the workspace itself, is to create good storage

- The home office is a room that has become increasingly important for many people as many now can work from home. So I think it's important to create a home office that you really like. For me to feel comfortable in my office, it's important to have hidden storage where I can keep papers, folders, printers, etc. That's why I chose the HALIFAX sideboard, which works well for the rest of the office and my entire home, explains Emelie. 


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Display things you love, also in your office. 



It's important to decorate with items that you enjoy. 

- I also wanted to have something visually appealing in the room, so I chose to put the HOLTON shelf here. I love the contrast of the oak and the design of the shelf, as well as the opportunity to use it for objects that I like and that I want to look at every day to inspire me in my work, explains Emelie. 


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Good lighting and beautiful interior details are important for a good working environment.