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An easy way to create a cozy feeling at home is with carpets. However, it is important to buy the right carpet. In our carpet guide, we have developed some simple tips that can be good to think about before choosing a new carpet.


A common mistake when buying a carpet for the dining group is to forget about the chairs. The carpet under the dining table should be about 60 cm wider than the dining table, both in length and width. If so, there is a good margin for keeping all the chairs inside the carpet edge, even when they are pulled out.


Our recommendation based on the furniture below with a BROOKLYN dining table in size 220X95 cm is our wool carpet AUCKLAND in size 340X240 cm.

Matta rektangulärt matbord


If you have a round dining table like our YUMI dining table, in size 115 cm, our round wool rug AUCKLAND in size 250 cm is a perfect match.

Matta runt matbord

TIP! Choose a durable carpet at the dining area and choose a material such as wool that is easy to clean if an accident occurs. Also remember to choose the shape of the carpet based on the shape of the table.


When buying a carpet for the sofa in the living room, you should choose a large carpet that provides a more cozy interior. A good rule of thumb is to have at least 40-50 cm of carpet left at each short side. If the space allows, it is an advantage if all the furniture belonging to the sofa is on the carpet.

Our recommendation based on the furniture below with a SHELTON sofa in size 218x91 cm with matching coffee table is our wool carpet AUCKLAND in size 340x240 cm.

Matta vardagsrummet soffa


If you have two sofas, like SHELTON, with an matching coffee table, our wool carpet AUCKLAND in size 400X300 cm is recommended.

Matta vardagsrummet 2 soffor


The alternative is to let the sofa stand a bit in on the carpet, this keeps it in place and creates a cozy feeling. If you also have lounge chairs by your sofa, choose a carpet that is as large as possible, so that everything is framed.

Based on the furniture below with a SHELTON sofa with matching coffee table and side table and two PRESCOTT armchairs, our wool carpet AUCKLAND in size 400X300 cm is large enough.

Matta vardagsrummet soffgrupp

TIP! Choose the colour or pattern you like and match the rest of the interior of the room. It creates harmony and a good feeling in the room.



It's easy to forget to put a carpet in the bedroom, but who does not want to put their feet down on something soft when you get out of bed? We think that most people want that and it also creates a cozy feeling in the bedroom.

The carpet you choose for the bedroom should be big. What protrudes under the bed should be at least 50 cm on each side. Depending on the feeling you want, you can choose to lay a carpet completely under the bed or only part of it under the bed so that the bedside tables are free.

Matta sovrummet 1
Matta sovrummet 2

TIP! Choose a soft carpet such as a wool carpet, it makes it warm and feels nice to put your feet on.