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Is there any item of furniture that symbolises a sense of community in our homes more than the dining table? Here at Rowico Home we feel that the dining table and dining area is a social focal point and serves as the heart of a home. What type of dining table works best for your home? 



There are numerous different types of dining table to choose from, ranging from round and oval dining tables to bar tables or flexible drop-leaf tables. The choice depends on the layout and look of your home. If you have plenty of space in your home, you can choose whatever suits your taste.

1. Round

2. Oval

3. Rectangular

4. Drop-leaf tables & gate-leg tables

5. Bar tables


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Round dining tables are the most social option due to their inviting shape. The advantage of a round table is that no one ends up ‘out on the edge’ of the table. All dinner guests feel naturally included in the conversation and the sense of community. Is your room not that big with only space for a small dining table? Round dining tables are often available in smaller sizes and the shape is ideal for smaller rooms, since they create an airy feel despite the limited space.

When deciding on the size of your round dining table, it’s essential to know what diameter and circumference of table is feasible in relation to the room in question. For example, a diameter of 100 cm gives a circumference of approximately 314 cm. For place settings, the ideal is to allow around 70 cm per person. It’s also important to take into account that the chairs will increase the circumference of the table. If you have the chairs tucked under the table, you should reckon on an increase in circumference of 20 cm per chair.

TIP! Be bold and position your dining table in the centre of the room and create a central focal point. Rooms are often perceived as more inviting and harmonious when the furniture is in the centre. And why not try placing your round dining table on a round rug to further enhance the feeling of unity and symmetry?



An oval dining table is the perfect combination of all the advantages of both rectangular and round tables. With an oval table you still have the generous long sides of a rectangular table, while benefiting from the social, rounded contours of a round table.

The rounded corners of an oval dining table are also a perfect safeguard for families with young children. No need to worry about your children walking into a sharp table edge.

Many oval dining tables include an additional leaf that allows the table to be extended for larger dinner parties. In other words, this function makes it possible to have a smaller table for everyday dining, yet in a few simple steps it can be transformed into the focal point of the party or the centrepiece of your dinner.

Do you have a smaller home and want extra seating at the dining table? A round table with an insert leaf might be the ideal solution for you. Then you have the flexibility to choose whether you want an oval or round table that suits different occasions. Should you later move to a larger home, you already have a larger table.

TIP! For larger dinner gatherings, the food can be placed in the centre of an oval table, ideally on a round tray that spins. This ensures everyone around the table can help themselves to the food, creating a particularly sociable atmosphere.

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Rectangular is the most common style of dining table. Its big advantage is the scope for symmetrical and elegant room layout. Positioning a rectangular dining table relative to the walls of a room is easy, since they tend to always be at 90 degrees to one another. As a result, rectangular dining tables take up less space in a room than round ones.

They also have a big advantage when it comes to the various length and width dimensions. For instance, you may need a long dining table, but not need it to be equally wide. With round or square tables, these dimensions are fixed, whereas rectangular table dimensions are more flexible. In addition, there is often scope to add extra leaves to rectangular dining tables, making them even more flexible. 

TIP! When buying a rectangular dining table, it can be appealing to soften the hard and angular outlines with differing contours. You can opt for dining chairs with a more rounded shape, thus creating a serene and harmonious look.

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Flexible drop-leaf tables are ideal as kitchen tables. This is chiefly due to the fact that they are extremely flexible and easy to position in Nordic-style homes. Like rectangular dining tables, drop-leaf tables can also easily be positioned along a wall in order to allow more space in the room for other purposes.

A gate-leg table has flexible leaves on two sides. This type of dining table is perfect if you don’t need a large dining table on a day-to-day basis, yet have space to accommodate a bigger table for larger gatherings. The folding leaves make it quick and simple to extend the table as needed.

TIP! You can easily break up the angular shapes and create a more dynamic look using table decorations. Try round placemats or round candleholders on the table for elegant dining.



A bar table is practical for small homes or in a small kitchen. Bar tables are not only practical for smaller homes, but also serve an important function in larger homes, as they can be ideal as a kitchen island. A bar table is also useful for doing homework, working, for guests who want to sit in the kitchen and socialise while you prepare food or simply as a quiet spot for a cup of coffee. Bar tables are higher than normal dining tables and can serve as a functional dining area with attractive bar stools. The extra table surface is perfect as a standing table for festive occasions and gatherings when extra seating and standing places are needed.

TIP! Be sure to choose the right stools for your bar table. The standard height of a bar table is 90 cm, for which stools or bar stools with a seat height of 65 cm are the perfect fit.

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