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Rowico Home offers a variety of chairs and dining tables. How should one choose? Here, we explain what to consider when selecting a chair.

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  1. Before choosing a chair, it is important to start with the dining table the chair will be placed at.

  2. Check the dimensions of the tabletop, the height, and the distance between the table legs.

  3. When looking at chairs, check the width of the chair, it's important that the desired number of chairs fit between the table legs. The standard is that a typical chair is about 45 cm wide and requires at least 60 cm of space.

  4. Once you've determined which chairs would fit, consider what function the chair should have and what maintenance it requires.

  5. Purchase the "right" chair, assemble, maintain, and use for many years to come.


When buying a chair for a rectangular dining table, it's important to find out the distance between the table legs as well as the width of the chair. This determines how many chairs you can fit.

A common chair width is 45 centimeters, but there are chairs that are up to 60 cm wide, so it's important to check.

Then, you should have at least 5 cm (preferably up to 7.5 cm) of wiggle room on each side of the chair for spacious seating. Also, consider that the chair needs to have a free push-back zone of ideally 70-80 cm behind the table. This is to ensure comfort both when sitting down and when seated.

See the example below for what works well.

Yumi matbord Carmen stol

The Yumi dining table 190 cm (160 cm between table legs, the measurement we specify on our website as the distance between table legs under additional specifications) together with the Carmen armchair which is 55 cm wide. Optimal with two chairs on each long side.

Brooklyn matbord Carmen stol

The spacious Brooklyn dining table 220 cm with wooden legs (180 cm between table legs) works well together with three Carmen armchairs on the long side.

Yumi matbord Lotta stol

For the Yumi dining table 190 cm (160 cm between table legs), a good choice is a narrower chair like the Lotta chair, 43 cm wide, to accommodate three chairs on each long side.

Carradale matbord Reily stol

The Carradale dining table 220 cm (187 cm between table legs) can accommodate three larger chairs like the Reily, 55 cm wide, on one long side.

See the example below for what works, but expect it to be a bit cramped.

Yumi matbord Carmen stol brunt

Here is the Yumi dining table 190 cm (160 cm between table legs) together with the Carmen armchair. Since the seat width is 46 cm (see seat width under measurements on our website), we show here that it is possible to fit three chairs on the long side, but it gets a bit tight towards the armrest.

Emmett matbord Lowell stol

Here is the Emmett dining table 240 cm (177 cm between table legs) together with the Lowell armchair, which is 59 cm wide. The chairs occupy the same measurement as the space between the table legs, so some logistics will be needed when entering and exiting the table.

The shape of the table legs can also affect how many chairs fit. If there are straight legs placed far out at the edges, you can fit more chairs than if the legs are positioned a bit further in and have a sloping shape. So again, check the measurement between the table legs, which you can find on our website under additional specifications.


If you want a round dining table, keep in mind that round tables come in various diameters. A larger round table can accommodate more chairs than a smaller one. But it's also important to consider the placement of the table legs. If the legs are far out at the edges, you might naturally only fit four chairs, but with a round dining table of the same size but with the legs centered, you can fit five or six chairs. Count on the same measurement around a round dining table, i.e., a chair takes up 60 cm in width.

Filippa matbord Alison stol

The Filippa dining table with a diameter of 120 cm, together with four Alison swivel chairs.

Carradale matbord Norwell stol

The Fred dining table with a diameter of 160 cm, together with six Norwell armchairs.


An upholstered swivel chair is very comfortable, allowing you to sit unhindered for several hours. An upholstered chair requires a bit of maintenance with vacuuming of the fabric and possibly fabric cleaning in case of spills.

Many find an armchair comfortable because you can rest your arms. If you choose an armchair, one thing to consider is whether it fits under the table if desired. So, check the height of the dining table, and consider if there is a skirt under the dining table because then it is the measurement up to that you want.

A wooden chair is preferred by many because wood is generally very durable over time. Remember that wood is a living material and the chair's screws will need to be tightened occasionally. And if it is an oiled chair, it is recommended to oil it 1-2 times a year depending on how much they are used and external conditions.

A bar stool might also be an option if you, for example, live in a smaller space. Then, a bar table along with bar stools might work better than a traditional dining set.