During installation it is very important that the furniture is handled with care and installed on a clean and soft surface such as soft carpet. Lift the piece of furniture by its structural parts in order to prevent damage. Always use furniture pads/floor protectors in order to protect your floor from scratches and damage.


  • Clean with a damp cloth.
  • Remove loose particles regularly using a vacuum cleaner or a lint roller.
  • For heavier stains use a textile cleaner; follow the instructions of the care product manufacturer.
  • Impregnating the surface will make it easier to keep clean. Test on a non-visible surface before use in order to check that the surface and colour are not affected.
  • Fluff may naturally appear in certain fabrics and you may need to remove these a number of times before they stop occurring.
  • Screws and fittings should be inspected regularly to ensure that they are tightened correctly.


  • Our furniture is intended for indoor use only.
  • Wet patches should always be wiped dry as quickly as possible to prevent moisture from penetrating.
  • Always protect the furniture against sharp/warm objects, strong solvents and moisture.
  • Water, coffee, wine or any other kinds of liquid spillages must be wiped away immediately.
  • Do not use strong chemicals, alcohol or abrasive cleaning detergents to clean the surface.
  • Pressure marks may appear on upholstered products when they are first unpacked; these will normally disappear after a couple of days.