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When Rowico Home won Plaza Interiör's honorary prize in sustainability, we also had the chance to get a small glimpse into Jessica's home. A home with a minimalist and Scandinavian style.

Jessica Hammargren



Rowico Home was founded in Halmstad in 1971 by Roland Hammargren. Today, his granddaughter Jessica, CEO, and her brother Fredrik, purchasing manager, are the third generation running the company.

Jessica lived in Stockholm for several years before she moved to the house in Frösakull outside Halmstad and became CEO of the family business.

- The time was right for me to move home, and then I grew into the role of CEO. The fact that I moved to this particular house in Frösakull was a coincidence. I wanted to be close to the sea and friends and family, so when I had the opportunity to buy the newly built house five years ago, it was the right time in life, says Jessica Hammargren.



Sustainability has been a part of Rowico Home ever since its start in 1971. For example, we focus on producing as much FSC-certified furniture as possible. FSC, which stands for Forest Stewardship Council, is a certificate that ensures that all wood comes from responsible forestry. So FSC-certified furniture is something Jessica has focused on in her home.

- At my dining area, which is the heart of the home, where I spend time with family and friends, I have chosen FRED dining table combined with NORWELL chair, both are FSC-certified, says Jessica.




So what does Jessica focus on at Rowico Home?

- That all furniture should be in Scandinavian design, but what is otherwise important to me is to create a culture and a team of people who have fun together and really like each other. That's what I spent a lot of time on in recent years. I also invest a lot in health and that everyone should feel good at work, explains Jessica.

As I said, sustainability is also important to Jessica, and it automatically spills over into everyday life at home, everything from waste sorting to driving a hybrid car. Jessica goes on saying;

- I shop a lot second hand and try not to consume unnecessarily. All small parts where you can think of, for example take the train instead of the flight. Of course also to buy furniture that lasts over time.




Jessica has always had a typically minimalist and Scandinavian style at home. She appreciates it when it's clean and has carefully selected things in front of her. Then she feels calm.

- My brain is a mess and decisions are often made quickly, so it needs to be tidy around me, laughs Jessica.

The clothes that Jessica chooses are often colorful, but when it comes to the interior, the choice falls on beige, brown, and black.

- I wish I were a person who chose more colour in my home, but I enjoy a neutral earthy base to find harmony. That's why the choice has often been black furniture in my home, for example, the HOLTON console table and SKYE coffee table, concludes Jessica at home.