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Elin Alemdar decorates her summer house


Elin Alemdar, founder of Stylein, has an equally strong interest in interior design as she does in fashion. Join us as we visit her summer house and see how she has decorated her paradise, where she has created an oasis for recovery and harmony.

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Nestled in the idyllic setting of Stockholm's archipelago, on the scenic island of Björkö, Elin has created her own paradise. Here, away from the city's hustle, she finds peace in her summer house, a house that has also graced the pages of Nya Rum.

- The house is not just a dwelling, but an extension of my creative soul.

Elin is the CEO and designer at Stylein, a fashion company she founded 22 years ago. Her daily life is characterized by routines in her family life and self-care practices like meditation and yoga. However, her work is more varied, encompassing everything from press days to design processes in the studio, along with meetings with employees, banks, and suppliers.

- Designing clothes that I dream of wearing myself is the core of my business. Moreover, seeing someone dressed in Stylein on the street is a confirmation and reward that constantly inspires me to continue working. But with a hectic life, I also needed a little peaceful oasis to land in, and that's when we built our summer house.

elin almedar stylein hammond soffbord
elin almedar stylein hammond soffbord2


When it comes to decorating her summer house, Elin's philosophy is "less is more."

- I prioritize quality and sustainable materials in my decor. In the living room, I let the room's natural light and the surroundings take center stage. With the beauty of the forest as a backdrop. Combined with earthy colors on walls and furniture, the room becomes an oasis for relaxation and recovery.

From Rowico Home, Elin has found items that reflect this philosophy. The HAMMOND coffee table, made of marble and wood, unites beauty with timelessness. Along with the sofa and armchair in the room, it's a perfect blend of sophisticated design and homely comfort. In Elin's own words:

-Ideal for family cuddles and relaxation.

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elin almedar stylein carmen stol

 Alla foto: Kristofer Johnsson, Styling: Pella Hedeby för Sommarnöjen


Elin's interest in interior design is as strong as her passion for fashion.

- In my life, there is a constant pursuit of harmony between career, creativity, and family life. In every design, whether it’s clothes or interior decor, there is a part of me – a quest for beauty, comfort, and timeless elegance.

In the children's room of the house, Elin has designed a built-in desk. For this, she chose the CARMEN chair in the same delightful white-pigmented wood. A lovely symbiosis with a delightful sheepskin to sit on as the icing on the cake.

Elin always strives to elevate the mood and feeling in everything she does, whether it's interior design, wines, music, or fashion. In the house on Björkö, she has truly created a fantastic atmosphere and harmony which she tries to visit to ground herself in life as often as she can.