Laminate makes for durable pieces of furniture which do not really require much special care.


During installation it is important that the furniture is handled with care and installed on a clean and soft surface such as soft carpet. Lift the piece of furniture by its structural parts in order to prevent damage. Always use furniture pads/floor protectors in order to protect your floor from
scratches and damage.


  • Clean with a soft cloth using only water or a dishwashing detergent. You can also use window cleaner in the case of more stubborn stains.
  • Temperature and humidity affect how wood expands and contracts. This means that doors, legs, drawers and extension leaves can vary in how well they fit. You should therefore adjust and retighten screws and fittings at regular intervals.


  • Do not use strong chemicals, alcohol or abrasive cleaning detergents to clean the surface.
  • Our furniture is intended for indoor use only.
  • Always protect the furniture against sharp and hot objects.
  • Avoid pushing the furniture or lift it by the top panel, doors or drawers so as not to cause any damage.
  • Take care when using coloured candles or tape on the furniture.
  • Use mats and coasters to protect the surface from mechanical wear.