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Simon Lindström is the guy who became famous after his participation in Bachelor. He has since then moved to Stockholm, started a company and bought an apartment which he has furnished with well-thought-out furniture and interior details.

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Simon is a happy and energetic guy who likes everything from working out, snowboarding, and spending time with friends at home or in town to having many projects at work going on.

- For about 4.5 years I have lived in Stockholm and during that time I have started the company Shophome. I love interior design and furniture, so having the opportunity to now work with my e-commerce within that segment is great fun. I like to take on new things and am driven by making it succeed, says Simon.




Simon lives in a 2-room apartment of 50 square meters just outside Stockholm.

- When I first bought this apartment, I thought I would only live here temporarily. But then I chose to invest in my company, which meant that I didn't have time to think about a new place to live. So then I instead started investing in my apartment and furnished in a style that I like, explains Simon.

The apartment is new and the floor with single stick parquet and Italian kitchen in gray tones is very nice. But Simon lacked personality in the apartment, so with small means Simon has managed to make it his own.

- I have changed fittings so that it is continuous and uniform throughout the apartment. Then I also made foundation walls with acoustic panels in walnut, both in the living room and bedroom. It creates a warm and calm feeling. To match the brown walls and create a balance with the grey tones in the kitchen, I found brown oak furniture from Rowico Home. The NAGANO chair together with the CALVERTON dining table fit just right and it creates such a nice harmony in my kitchen, especially with the natural coloured light AUCKLAND rug under the dining group.




- I grew up near water and in the future I dream of a house with a lake plot. Ideally, I would then like to design my own house with an industrial feeling. For example, I want rough concrete floors and then match it with soft materials and colours. Mixing the industrial feel with warm earthy tones and natural materials is my favorite style.

Simon has managed to create a bit of the industrial feeling at his home office. The soft wood of the end wall and floor meet his self-designed desk with concrete top together with the LOWELL swivel chair.



I know that many people can find it difficult to decorate and furnish, especially many of my male friends. My advice for still creating a nice decoration in the home is then the following:

1. Look around on social media and get a feeling for what you like. Personally, I like architect's accounts so that you get the full picture of a house or apartment.

2. Find two or three colours that are consistent throughout the home and stick to them.

3. Make simple changes such as changing fittings and door handles to give you a uniform feel.

4. Bring in personal details so that your home breathes you.

5. You have to make interior design feel fun, so if you can't do it yourself, get help from furniture stores or interior stylists and do it together.

Continue to be inspired by Simon on Instagram @simon.lindstrom


Simon Lindström Rowico Home