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Recipe by Louise Laurenius Vol 1 Pistage overnight oats

Luxurious Breakfast

An overnight oat with pistachio and white chocolate, who wouldn't be tempted to prepare it for a luxurious weekend breakfast with family and friends? Follow Louise Laurenius' delightful recipe and create a wonderful moment at the breakfast table.

Louise Laurenius overnightoat


100g oats

1 tbsp maple syrup

50g pistachio paste

200ml oat milk

2 pinches of vanilla powder

A pinch of salt

50g white chocolate

10-15 pistachio nuts, chopped


Mix oats, maple syrup, pistachio paste, oat milk, vanilla powder, and salt in a bowl. Divide the mixture into two glasses.

Melt the white chocolate. Pour it gently over the mixture and spread it into a thin layer with a spoon. Top the chocolate with the chopped pistachio nuts.

Cover the glasses with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. Take them out of the fridge in the morning and enjoy your breakfast with loved ones around the dining table.

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