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INSPIRING HOME Victoria Sandberg


For those contemplating decorating their living room, Victoria, who runs @victoriasstil, recommends starting with an earthy and timeless base.

victoriasstil rawlins sofa marsden coffee tables


Victoria lives in a house in Nykvarn with her husband and three children. Her work as a content creator and entrepreneur in social media allows her to express her creativity and inspire others with interior design.

- My interest in interior design started early. From a young age, I was fascinated by beautiful buildings, furniture, and details, an interest that has only continued to grow over the years. Therefore, I love my job where, through my Instagram account @victoriasstil, I have the opportunity to inspire with various projects from our home. A home that has a Scandinavian interior style, but where functionality, warmth, and comfort are also key elements.


When decorating a brand new living room or revamping an existing one, Victoria offers the following advice:

  1. I recommend starting with an earthy and timeless base.

  2. Choose sofas that offer both comfort and functionality. We opted for the Rawlins sofas for our living room due to their incredible comfort and durable fabric, which is a significant advantage when you have children. We also decided to place two large sofas opposite each other because we are a big family and often have guests over, so having plenty of good seating that facilitates social interaction is important.

  3. Create a harmonious feeling with coffee tables in earthy tones. In our home, we chose the Marsden coffee tables, with their lovely beige ceramic tops and dark brown wooden legs. They create a nice contrast, but at the same time they match together beautifully.

  4. It's also important not to forget to add softness with textiles such as rugs, pillows, and throws.

  5. Last but not least! Don't forget to have multiple light sources to create a cosy atmosphere.

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When Victoria was decorating their villa, she aimed to create a harmonious feeling that permeates the entire house. They have placed great emphasis on the open social spaces, with durable and stylish furniture that is also comfortable to use.

- It's important to us that the home feels welcoming with small details everywhere, and it should be comfortable for both family and guests.

Get to know Victoria better through her Instagram, @victoriasstil.