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We at Rowico Home love wood and the choice of floor in a home depends of course on the area of use and taste, but if you have the opportunity, we believe that wooden floors win in the long run. It is durable and can be re-sanded if necessary, and it can also be re-laquered and pigmenteded. A wooden floor gives a very exclusive impression if you choose a type of wood that harmonizes with other furnishings.



A floor is much more than just something you walk on, together with walls and ceilings it creates the feeling and soul of a room. A floor is always more difficult to replace than, for example, the colour of the walls, so take the time to choose a floor and think about where it will be used and what wear and tear it will entail, what colour you want, hardness and pattern.

Try to match the floor with other furnishings in the home, your taste should also be reflected in the floor. Also consider the style of the house, if it is an older house, older materials are best, such as solid floors and herringbone parquet.

Talk to the company you choose to buy the floor from. Tell them what your home looks like so that you really buy a floor that matches your needs and is durable in the long run.




Light or dark? The colour of the floor has a strong influence on how the room is perceived. If you choose light floors in combination with light walls, a feeling of space is created. If you want a cozy and more intimate feeling in a larger room, you can choose a darker floor.

A solid wood floor is a floor consisting of only one type of wood, it can be anything from oak and ash to walnut and pine. We advocate wooden floors, but mainly hardened wooden floors, it is very durable and long-lived and, above all, better for the environment. A hardened floor is made of thin veneers and you get about 400 square meters of floor surface compared to about 40 square meters if you make a solid floor. That is 10 times more floors and you can then leave 9 out of 10 trees in the forest.

Parquet is also available in several different types of wood. Here the planks consist of three layers; a surface layer of solid wood and two additional layers of either spruce, pine, plywood, or wood fiber. Parquet floors can be re-sanded, however, the thickness determines how many times you can re-sand.

Different varieties of wooden floors have become very popular as floors and today people often choose the same wooden floor in all living rooms of the house. Wooden floors can be both untreated and treated, choose what suits you best, but something that can also be good to think about is that a lacquered surface reflects the light more than an oiled one.


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Can you mix different floors? Yes, we think so. This is exactly what we did in our showroom in Stockholm. After we discovered Bjelin's fantastic floor, we chose to combine a grey mat-lacquered hardened oak floor with wide planks together with a herringbone parquet in the same colour and wood type. It turned out fantastic with all our oak furniture in the colours black, brown, natural oak, and whitewashed oak. Of course, you can also mix different colors and types of wood, but then you need to find floors that still harmonize with each other and the furniture you have at home. It is then a good idea to contact a flooring retailer to get floor samples to take home to hold up against the furniture and walls in the room in which the flooring is to be replaced.