Marble is a beautiful natural material, whose appearance is always unique. Each individual piece of marble has its own unique marbling in different colours, but also with small watermarks (calsite) and sand pits as natural elements. Watermarks originate from water veins in the stone, where lime from the water has solidified and sand pits are air bubbles that occur when the stone is formed. This gives each stone its own character, where no two stones are alike.


Travertine is a natural limestone and is a material that gives a luxurious and sophisticated expression. The surface is naturally full of small cavities, which are filled before the final grinding and polishing is carried out. Travertine has historically been used as a building material, and it is now used for flooring, wall-, kitchen- and table surfaces. 

Marble/Travertine is a fragile and porous material that needs care and maintenance. The marble surface is sensitive to moisture and dirt and is affected by daily use. Thus, vases and other objects should not be placed directly on the surface, as this may cause discoloration. Do not pull objects on the surface, as this may cause surface damage. Use mats and coasters to protect the surface.


During installation it is important that the furniture is handled with care and installed on a clean and soft surface such as soft carpet. Lift the piece of furniture by its structural parts in order to prevent damage. Always use furniture pads / floor protection to protect your floor from scratches and damage. During mounting and transporting, lift and handle the marble top in a standing / vertical position to prevent the marble from cracking.


  • The marble surface should be treated before the product is used to increase the resistance to liquids.
    Contact your local specialist retailer for marble maintenance products.
  • Clean with a soft, well-wrung cloth soaked in water only or mild soapy solution. Always wipe down with a dry cloth afterwards.
  • Keep the surface clean of dirt and dust with a clean microfiber cloth.


  • Our furniture is intended for indoor use only.
  • Always protect the furniture against sharp, heavy and hot objects, as well as any form of moisture.
  • All types of liquids such as water, coffee, wine and detergents should be wiped off immediately.
  • Peels of citrus fruits and acidic liquids such as fruit juices, carbon dioxide, vinegar can damage the surface and leave permanent marks.
  • Do not subject the surface to thermal shocks.
  • Use mats and coasters to protect the surface.
  • Take care when using coloured candles on the furniture.
  • Do not use limescale removal agents (eg toilet cleaners) or acidic cleaners (eg tile cleaners or kitchen cleaners) to clean the surface, as they may cause corrosion damage.